Stereo Master: £50

A stereo master sent through the TB hardware chain (inc. Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ Manley Massive Passive EQ, Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor and Pendulum PL-2 Analogue Peak Limiter. We master to radio / club quality to ensure the track is ready for final distribution (vinyl and/or digital).

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Mix down: £130

The most popular service at TB-Mastering. A hybrid between a mixdown and a master. The ethos and intension is to make your music sound like a record for life. You provide the song as 9-15 audio stems, these can be separate tracks for each instrument or a group of similar instruments. You get a “Dangerous” Master to club test and a mixdown premaster (if needed for vinyl lacquer cut for example). Sessions can be seated or remote with 1 amend – slow and sexy always wins. All stems are sent through the TB Analogue Summing chain and high-end hardware processing for maximum attitude.

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Studio Time: £35 per hour

Studio day Full or half days available. Record modular, drums machines and hardware synth takes into your project. Studio day rate (11-6pm) £170 (engineer assisted) / Hourly rate £35ph (engineer assisted)

  • Seated mixing and mastering
  • Recording sound design on synthesisers, modular, drum machines
  • Recording vocals / voiceover
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