Thoma Bulwer has worked in the music industry and media production for over 15 years. He has released his own productions on labels such as !K7 Records, Greco-Roman, Seven Dials, Signatune Records and runs vinyl labels Parasol Culture and Alternate Facts. He specialises in the more underground side of electronic music crossing genres from garage, house, minimal, techno through to breaks and ambient.

2018-2019 Thoma has been mixing down and mastering vinyl and digital releases for artists and labels such as Voigtmann, WYS! limited, Priku, Hamam House, Luca Cazal, Adam Curtain, Bobby Pleasure, Anna Wall, Michael James, Dexter Kane, Peter Pixzel, Jacob Husley, Tyree Cooper, Bobby Pleasure, Seven Dials,  Shadow Sanctuary, The Bricks, Chris Cue, Remi Mazerate and Karl “Tuff Enuff” Brown

Thoma is also a part time lecturer at Point Blank Music School in Dalston and a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).