Stereo Master: £80

Stereo Master spec

Please leave -6dB of headroom on the master output.
44.1kHz sample rate (minimum) / 16 or 24 bit (24 bit preferred).

No limiters or compressors on the master bus.
This will affect the dynamics and flexibility we have to provide you with the best possible sounding final master.

Please send one or two reference tracks (WAV or 320 MP3). This can be a favourite track in the genre you want your music to positioned, and/or one you sonically and aesthetically like the sound of.

Mix down: £150

Mixdown Master spec

Make sure to separate out the kick and bass as a first port of call. Group together things like:

Kicks, Bass 1, Bass 2, RT, TOMS, SD, CP, Perc FX, Pads, Synth 1, Synth 2, Bass Topline, Vocals, Hits, FX etc..

The stems should be exported as you would export a pre-master (i.e. individually, not through the master bus with any processing) but you should include processing/fx on the individual track channel inserts


Please leave *around* -6dB of headroom on the master output when you export the individual stems. In Ableton please export >  ‘all individual tracks‘. 

There is a video coming soon explaining this in more detail and examples of A-star stems so you can reference what to aim for >

44.1kHz sample rate (minimum) / 16 or 24bit (24bit preferred).


No Dithering.

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Studio Time: £35 per hour

Studio day Full or half days available. Record modular, drums machines and hardware synth takes into your project. Studio day rate £300 (engineer assisted) / 2 Hour Session £80.

  • Seated mixing and mastering
  • Recording sound design on synthesisers, modular, drum machines
  • Recording vocals / voiceover
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